Foreign Threats to America!

I will be in AZ for baseball spring training for 9 days so I leave you with my Fox Noise Update…

Really Tea Baggers? You think Fox loves you?

International Corps hate Jesus and especially His Sermon on the Mount. If you play for the GOP Satan is your manager.

Happy St Patty’s Day!

TRIVIA: 1. Are there more Irish in Dublin or Boston? 2. Which baseball team was the last to add a black player? 3. How many of my kin will unfriend me today? (I’m half Irish)
Answers: 1. Boston 2.Bet you thought is was St Louis or some other Southern city…No. Boston finally signed reserve Pumpsie Green in 1959…didn’t hire a black star until Jim Rice in 1975. 3. Half

GOP’s Frankenstein’s Monster…The Tea Party

Fox News (owned by Aussie Rupert Murdoch and financed by Saudi princeĀ Al-Waleed Talal) created the Tea Party for the GOP and now their Frankenstein monster is out of control. This is the first time I’ve ever agreed with Bobby Jindal.