The library of a man who has never read a book cover-to-cover!!!???

This is an actual quote from the religious leaders protesting at So Methodist Univ a couple of years ago when Dubya’s library was first planned. Of course, the university decided to “Take the money and run”.

Amazing Fact: The number of books Dubya has read is exactly equal to the number of Weapons of Mass Destruction we found in Iraq!

Only in America…an illiterate library.

Jackie Robinson- In a game of inches the difference was only skin deep

Yes…A majority of Mainsteam America believed: “Jackie’s not good enough or smart enough to play with Whites.” Robinson quietly shamed the bigots and won over those who feared the unknown (Blacks in baseball, in this case). The grandchildren of most ignorant yahoos today say that Obama is either not smart enough to president OR that he’s a snobby intellectual (They easily get confused).