Mitt Romney…You want to play Birther? Game on!

Really, Willard? You want to go the Birther route? Game on. Your great-grandfather had 3 wives and fled to Mexico to escape arrest. You daddy was born in Mexico and when they put the heat your unwanted clan you folks voluntarily deported yourselves back to the USA where you were born an anchor baby. George Romney illegally ran for president in 1968.

And they say Mitt doesn’t appeal to women. He’s got Casey Anthony!

Where do I begin? On the lower right is Ted (One Hit Wonder) Nugent. He likes to kill helpless animals with a bow. Lower left is Jon Voight who in Deliverance was saved from hillbilly rape by Burt Reynolds’ bow and arrow. Coincidence? I don’t think so. John also played a male prostitute in the Brokeback Mountain prequel Midnight Cowboy. Ted and Clint and Chuck Norris became famous by waving really big guns around. Gene Simmons like most of these no-talent idiots is only in it for the money and acts outrageous to gain attention. Clint is the only one who once had some talent but now is senile and so admires our only senile president (“I don’t remember, I have no recollection…”) Ronald Reagan. Ronnie also carried a big gun as host of old tv oater Death Valley Days. Michael Vick endorsed Romney based on their mutual understanding of dogs: “Bitches love to suffer, even die for their masters”. Newest celeb to jump on is Casey Anthony: “Mitt and I believe Zygotes are sacred but after you pop one out, who cares?” Okay, you caught me…OJ hasn’t endorsed yet…again, I say “yet”.